We snuck five minutes with Manchester based blogger In The Frow to score the inside knowledge on her style, home town and what she'll be doing this summer!

Home is… the best place in the world. I live in the city of Manchester and I feel so lucky every day to live in such an awesome location.

I like to… match my hair to my coat, lipstick, bag or all of it, pretty much every day. 

Three things you should know about me are… Im a Doctor of Fashion (PhD), I own 62 pairs of shoes and my face is on the packet of Real Crisps Salt and Pepper flavour. 

My personal style is… eclectic. A mixture of tailoring, sophisticated, glam, grunge, party and casual. I wear what my mood dictates.

I started In The Frow because… I decided I wanted somewhere to write down my own thoughts about products. I needed an outlet.

In the upcoming months my blog will… be continuing to show off the latest clothing pieces, will be running a number of great giveaways and I will also be blogging my trip to LA and the west coast of the USA in June.

My advice to any budding blogger is… to be original and to highlight their own personality. Show off your own traits. 

My perfect Lavish outfit would be… anything from the new summer collection. The Cobalt Palm Print Playsuit I will definitely need to take away with me for LA!


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