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Sivu is rightfully edging his way into the vast music industry with his mesmerising vocals complimented with a heavenly orchestral backdrop. His use of underlying biblical references creates relatable imagery, grasping the listener into his captivating story telling.

After his big hit with ‘Better Man Than He,’ LA all have their eyes peeled waiting for his brand new single ‘I Lost Myself’ to be released on November 4th. Admittedly, compared to his previous tunes, his latest track has a much darker set-up with a faster tribal-esque tempo, yet his iconic sophisticated strings return adding powerful, chilling top notes.

LA aren't the only ones completely hooked; Sivu has received warming support from the radio industry with the likes of Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and bagsied himself to be London Grammar’s main support act on their sold-out autumn tour.

LA first spotted the miraculous talent last summer at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival, and we’ve been totally seduced since!

Catch his latest tune here: 


Reality TV star turned ultimate fashion blogger Millie Mackintosh of Style Diary, rocked our Leopard Face Blue Contrast Printed Shirt! Teamed perfectly with a classic pair of midnight black ultra skinny jeans and a cute pair of pointed snakeskin stiletto boots, Millie had LAHQ crushin' on the Leopard Face Blue Contrast Printed Shirt all over again!

 Millie was also snapped in our shirt with hubby Professor Green last week by the Mail Online, on the way to his new club Ink (See full post here). 

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 Seen on the screens of Grazia, Company and ASOS, Olivia of What Olivia Did is vastly becoming the go-to blogger for everyone's style inspo! Although her calendar is full to bursting with top events and Parisian adventures, we managed to grab five minutes to chat about The Great British Bake Off, her 60s style and pasta!

Home is…
Perched on the grassy border of London; in a little home with my wonderful family.

I like too…
Cook. A lot. Along with watching ridiculous amounts of reality television and curling up with a good book (ahem film), I've fallen in love with Bake Off lately, it's so satisfying!

Three things you should know about me are…
I can't sing (no matter what I'll say otherwise), I'm very good at doing accents (if I do say so myself) and I love pasta more than any other food.

 My personal style is...
So many things! Essentially it's girlie with a sixties edge, with a tendency to hop to the seventies and go a little boho. It's more fun that way though, right?

I started What Olivia Did because…
I loved the fact blogs could provide such an excellent creative outlet, and loved the idea of keeping somewhat of an online diary.

In the upcoming months my blog will...
Hopefully continue to engage people! I love creating new content, so hopefully they'll be some of that too!

My advice to any budding blogger is...
Just do it! Find something you're passionate about and just go for it. Simple but very true.

My perfect Lavish outfit would be…
Ooh this is hard! I'm in love with tartan, but how gorgeous is the gold dress? So festive!

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Visa Lom of 1 Fine Dai

Hannah Crosskey of A Fashion Fix

Helen Jones of Fragile Bird

Charlotte Lewis of Lurch Hound Loves

Allie Redmond of The Friday 

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With the launch of her latest fashion venture, we managed to score an interview with one of our fave bloggers turned designer Audrey Leighton of Frassy

Home is…
All over the place. Nomadic girls like me find home wherever we are sleeping that week. These days, Paris and Barcelona are my most frequent homes - my two favourite cities in the world and also where my favourite people live.

I like to… 
Read, a lot, everyday. I devour books!

Three things you should know about me are…
I'm a full-fledged caffeine addict, an obsessed jogger and total clumsy goof.

My personal style is…
Sporadic! I don't stick to one trend, I like to try every slice of the sartorial cake!

I started designing my own collection because… 
It's a dream of mine for years and a venture I hope will eventually take over blogging as my full-time career.

The inspiration behind the collection is…
Paris naturally! My collection focuses on personal style and celebrates the freedoms and stories that I hope girls will find through the clothes I've designed!

I would like to see…
Miraslava Duma wearing an Audrey Leighton original because she is one of my all time fashion icons.

In the upcoming months my blog will be…
Even more Frassy?! I hope and yes, I have officially turned my blog name into an adjective!

My advice to any budding blogger is…
Invest in a good camera and some slick webdesign. Don't blow your money on trends, go with your fashion instincts and be yourself!

My perfect Lavish outfit is…
This matching blue floral pantsuit. Really into prints, especially ones that match exactly and this pantsuit looks so comfortable, would totally be tempted to sleep in it too - esp since my bedroom windows aren't double glazed ;)

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