We grabbed five minutes with our kick-ass PR Account Executive Vicky, to get the lowdown on her personal style and why she loves LA.

What's your personal style?
I am definitely someone who dresses depending on their mood. I don’t understand how people lay out what they’re going to wear for the next day. My wardrobe has quite a lot of black and I rarely wear an outfit that doesn’t feature some black in there somewhere! I am a complete sucker for anything silk at the moment, my wardrobe probably has a few too many dresses that look like nighties. 

Who are you listening to at the moment?
I went to see Fleetwood Mac recently so their vinyls have been playing a lot in my flat at the moment.

Why did you choose a career in PR?
I gained an interest at University, which was reinforced in my year in industry where I was placed at an agency in the middle of Soho. PR is definitely a challenge but there is a real satisfaction in watching a brand grow from being unknown to featuring in the magazines every week. It is pretty cool to be apart of that.

What do you love about LA?
Lavish Alice design clothes for girls who want to be fierce but in a classy way. It may be short but it is never TOO short, it may be tight but then they’ll be added inches in length. I like that. The brand is really dynamic and you never know what is around the corner each season, it’s pretty exciting and I love that it is affordable

Advice for anyone wanting to get into the fashion industry?
I am at the very early stage of my career so I am definitely apart of the generation that is trying to make it but so far, the best advice I have been given is work hard and hope for the best, expect the worst! I have learned things rarely get handed to you on a plate and that the fashion industry really isn’t all that glamorous so not to fall under any disillusions!  Networking can be quite an important part but if you’re not majorly out going then just be nice to people – you never know who they are. 

Perks of the job?
As mentioned, it’s quite nice to be apart of a brand’s really early stages of finding their feet in the industry and there is satisfaction in helping their name to be heard. Getting a cheeky discount here and there isn’t all-bad either...

Hidden talent?
I can do the crab. Does that count? 

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